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Identify Entry Or Mid-level Staff With Potential

Identifying entry or mid-level employees with potential is key, and in my experience, providing these employees with opportunities to “prove” themselves will help you figure out where their hidden talents and strengths lie. Through these opportunities, employees should enhance their performance on the job because they see their own potential for growth within the company. 

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Considering Hiring an Overqualified Candidate?

Ask Yourself How Quickly They Might Get Bored

My first question would be, “How quickly will the candidate get bored?” Often, people who are overqualified are looking for a stopover—a place to perhaps take a rest, recharge, not have to do too much heavy thinking—and won’t end up staying for a long time; so, you’ll just find yourself having to hire someone new and going through the same process again. Tread carefully!

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Stay The Course or Pursue Innovation?

First, ask yourself why you want to pursue innovation. Is your market changing? Asking yourself, “If I stay the course, what will happen in one year/three years/five years?” may help inform your decision. 

Sometimes taking your eye off what is working to focus on something new can actually hurt your current performance and your ability to keep growing what you’ve already built.

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Remember, Thoughts Aren't Facts

Remember, thoughts are just sentences in your mind—they aren't facts. A thought is an observation or opinion you create about a circumstance. Remind yourself of the facts of a situation (“We will sell less this month,” for example) and take out the emotion (“I'm a failure!”). 

If you focus on the fact versus the emotion, the circumstance becomes neutral and measurable, not out of control.

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