As a successful entrepreneur, corporate business leader and certified coach, Kim has experienced first-hand the challenges of building and leading teams. And as a woman in business, she also knows what it takes to thrive - overcoming the anxiety, fear, lack of support and unconscious bias that still exists in the workplace - and succeed in the workplace. 

As corporations work to create more diversity within management ranks, providing women managers and their staff with the tools required for effective management, productivity and growth is key to sustainability -- of the company and society as a whole.

With creative, out-of-the-box thinking, Kim and her team help organizations re-imagine their workplace, partnering with management and staff to create an energized, engaged and cohesive environment.

                  Corporate Programs


With a focus on supporting women in organizations to rise to management ranks and above, Kim and her team provide leadership training, tools and support to bring confidence, critical thinking and the skills required to flourish in their leadership roles

This support recognizes the unique issues facing women from both the business and personal life perspective.
The Post-Pandemic
Office Reset

The office culture of 2019 is not coming back, and a reboot to install The Office 2.0 is necessary. By co-creating with management, teams and individuals, utilizing both coaching and consulting skills, the Kim Neeson team will help you craft an office culture that meets the demands and expectations of a new and returning workforce. Goals include greater retention, team cohesiveness and refocused productivity.
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