Gender Diversity Programs

Kim Neeson, ACC

Are you meeting your gender equity goals?

It's easy to commit to the goal, but harder to actually make it happen.

My specialty is working with businesses to expand the inclusion of women in all tiers of your organization and ensure compliance with government or other diversity requirements.

I can help take that burden from your shoulders so you can achieve your goals faster and easier.

No matter where you are in your company's journey, my Corporate Partner Programs will provide the impetus and support needed to help your management team achieve your goals for the successful inclusion of women at all levels of your organization.

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Kim Neeson Gender Diversity Corporate Programs

Rise Up↑

6-week half-day series of intuitively led workshops to build successful leadership skills: effective communication, conflict resolution, time management, planning, ethics, team building, implementation of policies and procedures, flexibility and dealing with unconscious bias. Through the workshop we create an interactive, supportive, safe space for women to flourish and grow.
Who should attend:
  • Newly minted women managers or executives
  • Women employees with management potential
  • Women managers or executives looking for additional supports

Empower the Team

Kick-off half-day workshop, followed by 6 monthly two-hour meetings, focussing on the skills necessary for collaboration and community building for the team. Skills such as appreciating others, learning how to engage in purposeful conversations, goal setting, creatively and productively resolving conflicts and how to recognize and remove unconscious bias are explored.

Who should attend:
  • Rise UP↑ Program graduates and their teams
  • Teams overseen by women managers/executives
Bonus: 30 Minute coaching session for women leaders at the end of each meeting.

Development Coaching

Individual coaching to support and integrate learning and growth and assist the coachee in her personal leadership development strategy. 
Themes include building on strengths, uncovering weak areas for improvement, creating impact, tackling “Imposter Syndrome” and unconscious bias. Women are welcome to bring all issues they are experiencing to the table.
Who should attend:
  • Rise UP↑ graduates
  • Women employees with management potential
  • ​Women managers or executives looking for additional supports
  • ​Newly minted women managers or executives

Kim Neeson Women-Focused Coaching Programs

Group Facilitation

A facilitated workshop is created and delivered where management is seeking input and feedback from their female associates, or looking for a solution to a particular challenge.

After the session, a management report including recommendations, where appropriate, is delivered.   


Facilitation to intervene when teams are failing to function as a unit.

Working directly with affected group members and management, tools and strategies are used to receive and deliver feedback (both positive and negative) to open the door to team cohesion.

Post Pandemic
Team Building

Post-pandemic team creation – for managers and their group, focusing on how to successfully collaborate in the "new normal."  

The program includes collaboration on in-person, hybrid or fully remote teams; evolving management and team styles; and exploration of a results-based organization.

Women & Retirement

The experience of women approaching retirement is very different than that of men: financially, mentally and physically.

Two lunch-and-learn styled programs, “Retirement v. Rewirement” and “Creating a Meaningful Next Chapter” work session will provide the foundation for a successful next chapter for women 45+.

Kim Neeson:
Your Gender Diversity Coach

Kim Neeson is an award-winning entrepreneur who founded, grew her business into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, and in 2019 sold her enterprise to the largest player in her industry.

Working with the acquiring company for three years as Regional Vice-President, Kim oversaw the growth of the business from Ontario to British Columbia, Canada, with the acquisition and integration of 10 other businesses.

With the experience of both entrepreneur and corporate leadership, as well as a certification of the International Coaching Federation, Kim brings a unique set of skills to her clients – business, strategy, big picture thinking, and a deep understanding of what gets “in the way” for people…and how to overcome it. Creating and building personal and team relationships is the passion behind Kim Neeson Consultancy.

And if that wasn’t enough, Kim is also a Certified Woman-Owned Business by WEConnect International and WBE Canada.

Let's talk! I'm here to help you meet your Gender Diversity goals.

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