Post-Pandemic Office 2.0

The world and the office are very different places now, post-pandemic.
The new challenges companies are now facing include:

  • Growth of the work-from-home economy
  • Living more of a work/life balance (i.e. not commuting = more money and time)
  • Realization of the fallacy of the “company is king” mentality - companies haven’t been loyal to workers, and now companies are on the receiving end of this with the Great Resignation
  • A more matured economy - many jobs require brains, not brawn - workforce is more skilled
  • People like autonomy, hate micromanagement, and now they’ve experienced it through the pandemic
  • ​Employees have developed new habits, routines and preferences in the pandemic which have created a reluctance to return to the office

But the Office 2.0 also has its opportunities. 

  • Develop an outcome-based goal-setting methodology that both employees and managers can implement
  • Empower employees to take ownership of their metrics 
  • Teach managers to unlearn old ways and embrace autonomous (trust) outcome-based styles
  • Make being in the office a destination, not an obligation
  • Demonstrate that flexibility and responsibility can coexist
  • Encourage participation and contribution by all

An engaged workforce results in higher retention.

Kim Neeson Post-Pandemic Office 2.0 Programs

Let's Get the Team
Back Together!

Two half-day sessions where management and their reports are brought back together onsite to re-ignite and reconnect the “lost team.” 

 The session will focus on group activities that will bring out fears, anxieties, and barriers to coming back to the office – and offering empathy, a “voice” and, most importantly, an opportunity for management to, at the time or later, come back with solutions.

Engaging the

A combination of team meeting and smaller breakout group meetings, in conjunction with managers where appropriate, are used to:  
  • Create team cohesiveness
  • Develop a strategy for moving forward
  • Help build a results-based, goal-oriented work structure
 The goal of the program is to facilitate the new Office 2.0 that we are struggling to define after two-plus years of pandemic living and working.

Team Building for the Office 2.0 World

Where teams are empowered to work from home, from the office or in a hybrid fashion, and presented with outcome-based goals, coaching and facilitation of the team, with their manager(s) to establish the new working relationship: 
 its responsibilities, format, 
communication style, and 
driving cohesiveness are some of the areas covered. 

 The team will walk away with a documented plan of how they will function, which will be shared with management for further input to allow a final plan to be created.

Staunching the
Great Resignation

A half- or full-day facilitation that will explore the needs of the company and the desires of management and employees in their work environments. 

 Learn what your employees want and what will keep them dedicated
 to your company. 

 Interact with your employees in a real one-on-one way, where ideas can be expressed verbally or anonymously and openly explore the pros and cons to work towards a consensus in the way forward for the new work culture of 2022 and beyond.

Rethinking Leadership in the Office 2.0 World

How does management function
when their various teams are here, 
there and everywhere? 

 How will you create cohesiveness, 
the meeting of goals and objectives, and accountability? 

 This program will delve into all aspects of managing employees with a focus on outcome-based goal setting, bringing in new hires, training and creating a culture that is inclusive, welcoming and cohesive.

Kim Neeson:
Your Guide for the Post Pandemic Office 2.0 "Rewirement"

Kim Neeson is an award-winning entrepreneur who founded, grew her business into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, and in 2019 sold her enterprise to the largest player in her industry.

Working with the acquiring company for three years as Regional Vice-President, Kim oversaw the growth of the business from Ontario to British Columbia, Canada, with the acquisition and integration of 10 other businesses.

With the experience of both entrepreneur and corporate leadership, as well as a certification of the International Coaching Federation, Kim brings a unique set of skills to her clients – business, strategy, big picture thinking, and a deep understanding of what gets “in the way” for people…and how to overcome it. Creating and building personal and team relationships is the passion behind Kim Neeson Consultancy.

And if that wasn’t enough, Kim is also a Certified Woman-Owned Business by WEConnect International and WBE Canada.

Let's talk! I'm here to help you conquer the Post-Pandemic Office 2.0.

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