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Selling Yourself On Social Media

One of the biggest pitfalls I see is companies or self-employed people using social media as a platform to sell themselves, their products or services. Social media is about sharing knowledge and providing for the betterment of a community—not advertising! Use advertising tools such as paid ads for that purpose, and use social media posts to add value to your community and become the expert.

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Visualize One-, Two- And Five-Year Business Goals

While money is always an ever-present stress, visualizing where you want to be in your business a year, two years and five years down the road is also very important. Once you have that vision in your mind’s eye, what one step can you take today to move you toward your vision? Is it a marketing activity? Writing and posting a blog? Making a call to an existing client? Make a list and act!

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When an Unhappy Customer
Isn’t Justified

‘What Would You Do Differently?’

In business, there were times when some clients felt the cost of service was too high. I would listen to their complaints and then ask, “What would you do differently?” They might list one, two or three things. I would then take the opportunity to explain why any of those things would either not work or why we chose not to do them. Often, I then heard, “Oh, that makes sense.” Lightbulb on!

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Aren't Facts

Remember, thoughts are just sentences in your mind—they aren't facts. A thought is an observation or opinion you create about a circumstance. Remind yourself of the facts of a situation (“We will sell less this month,” for example) and take out the emotion (“I'm a failure!”). If you focus on the fact versus the emotion, the circumstance becomes neutral and measurable, not out of control.

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When The Completed Work Costs More Than You Estimated

In my former business, we’d give estimates on work that was almost impossible to estimate and tell our clients so in advance. 

Sure enough, some would still be quite unhappy when the work was completed and it was more than anticipated. 

I would hear the client out completely and acknowledge their feelings, but I would stand firm when asserting that the situation was out of our control. I would not apologize, however.

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14 Tips To Ensure A Productive Off-Site Leadership Strategy Retreat

Many organizations hold off-site retreats for their leadership teams. Leadership strategy retreats are meant to provide a way for leaders throughout an organization to come together outside of the workplace, communicate and learn more about one another and the company while exploring ways to reach shared goals.

However, these sessions aren’t always as productive as they could be. Below, 14 members of Forbes Coaches Council discuss key aspects for planners to keep in mind to ensure they take the right approach and that their leadership strategy retreats are worthwhile.
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